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Burier (Aus) - Burier II - Cassette

  • Burier (Aus) - Burier II - Cassette

Burier (Aus) - Burier II - Cassette

GOATOWAREX is proud to present BURIER’s highly anticipated second demo, Burier II, on cassette tape format now and vinyl LP later.

It was but October of 2019 when GOATOWAREX revealed the nameBURIER to the underground with a wider cassette release of the entity’s debut recording. Simply self-titled, Burier might’ve been this mysterious Australian’s first public recording under that moniker, but the 28-minute tape proved the artist was no mere neophyte. Those who are drawn to the most devout black metal, both within Australia’s ever-fervent underground and without, immediately saw that BURIER was a name to be reckoned with.

Continuing that enviable but unselfconscious momentum, BURIERreturns with the longer and even stronger Burier II. The rudiments remain from the debut demo – a defiantly RAW soundfield, impossibly distant and almost emaciated, but wielded with tactical might – but here does BURIER strike at something more openly challenging. Riffs both hammer with crudity and clarity, but just as often untangle themselves into vapor trails of tension and terror. The rhythmic underpinnings are at once more and less human: unmistakably real drums, but rendered with a decidedly dislocated sound when placed within this impossibly thicker soundfield, like the lifeless poundings upon rusted-out factory machinery. His vocals likewise stretch toward more human/inhuman lengths, the anguish more tangible and more antisocial.

Where melodies were before strangely atonal, here they are harnessed with an almost triumphant aspect – but again, when placed within such a dislocated context, the sum effect is far more alien than these normal words suggest. Above all, the old-growth organ that was intermittently used across Burier is brought to the fore across Burier II, making proceedings more mesmerizing, medieval, and malevolent in equal measure.

The cobwebs and mildew have been cleared away, only to reveal yet more dungeons equally frightening to behold.