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DEMOGOAT Ifernach (Can) - Waqan II - MC with OBI

  • DEMOGOAT Ifernach (Can) - Waqan II - MC with OBI

DEMOGOAT Ifernach (Can) - Waqan II – MC

Enchanted by the thick bark spiritualism of the shamnic world weald rises. the battle born known as Ifernach, whose tales of primordial Quebec tribalism run wild by medium of raw black metal mastery.

A sequel to the woodland memoirs of Waqan in the age of 2020, Waqan II is equal to that which it has descended from, providing a truly engrossing journey into the wandering wealds of the northern realms once again by medium of infectious raw black metal melded with folklore fueled acoustic synth passages, as well as spoken word lamentations to be found on the incantations second half. Highly evocative of times long since passed, Waqan II is a defiant cry against that which plagues the modern mortal world and is a potent reverie of an ancient heritage still crawling deep beneath the bloodstained stretches of the eldritch earth. Ifernach prove once again that it has the ability to craft not only hypnotic, direct and enthralling black metal folklore, but a deeply romantic and sincere evocation of Quebec, the land that it was and that land it has become, as well as what it will become again in the future. Waqan II is the howling serpent of a cycle caught forever in the spirals of an eternal return.

Available on professional duplicated cassette with crystal clear sound, cassette comes with OBI.

Description text by @neheroth