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DEMOGOAT Mort aux Gueux (Can) - De La Croix À L'Itolisme - Cassette

  • DEMOGOAT Mort aux Gueux (Can) - De La Croix À L'Itolisme - Cassette

DEMOGOAT Mort aux Gueux (Can) - De La Croix À L'Itolisme - Cassette

An axe breaks the ice of ages, slashing through that barrier of cold black, chipping away at the frost all these years since its disappearance—spirit silenced by forces unknown, is no silent no longer, Mort aux Gueux has returned. Not only that, but this soul of blizzard magnificence has come with a fresh incantation; gale of wind and bloom of frost, De La Croix À L'Itolisme has risen. Enforcing this fabled return to the world of mortals, is none other than iron master GoatowaRex, who brings acolytes this fresh incantation through the physical medium of sublime cassette and mournful tape.

Those who first open this grimoire of ice coffin insanity, will be greeted by a snowstorm of dire proportions; Mort aux Gueux’s rage trapped no longer, a punishing force to be reckoned with once again. However, the deeper those acolytes explore, will still find those harrowing hallmarks Mort aux Gueux has always been known for: infectious melodies of sorrow, percussive perfection made flesh, sub zero possessed atmosphere, dedicated execution of black and a storming vocal penchant for revenge.

De La Croix À L'Itolisme is more than a simple return from Mort aux Gueux—it is a declaration of war against humanity and the forces of progress. A howling romance for those ancient pines, the crunch of snow underfoot and the rough of wood against hand. A frozen fist rose in celebration of the white sky—waraxe drawn in the name of the true. Mort aux Gueux has broken free of its prison, and not one mortal can do one thing about it, as all watch as the world becomes a perpetual requiem of its own demise.