DEMOGOAT Old Distant Weep (Ukr) - Detuned Sonata - MC

  • DEMOGOAT Old Distant Weep (Ukr) - Detuned Sonata - MC

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DEMOGOAT Old Distant Weep (Ukr) - Detuned Sonata - Cassette

Marching on ancient cobbled paths stained with eldritch tears and forlorn recollections, Old Distant Weep is a sombre dungeon synth entity hailing from the realm of Ukraine Born in the age of 2020, Old Distant Weep has unchained a steady range of dungeon incantations steeped in chip-tune and neoclassical elements, shambling spooky chains by veil of the night.

The latest of these incantations is the gloom ensorcelled Detuned Sonata, a soundscape that provides morbid visions of moon possessed skies, macabre cemetery delving and twilight flames of emerald leer reflected across slithering stone walls. Buried alive with a host of revenant ingredients, such as; moody ambient sections, hypnotic gothic melodics, horror pixel visuals, necromantic fantasy thematics and a penchant for infectious spell composition, leave those interred within the tombs of Detuned Sonata with a reverie of melancholic, eerie and wondrous tunes to face the eternity of death with.

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