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DEMOGOAT 正殿 Seiden (Okinawa) - 古​き​悪​の​破​片 Shrouds of Old Evil - MC

  • DEMOGOAT 正殿 Seiden (Okinawa) - 古​き​悪​の​破​片 Shrouds of Old Evil - MC

Professional manufactured cassette, evil Okinawa black metal.


Gorging upon the sacred blood of the red moon, talismans configured to their celestial morbid manifestations, descends from foetid mists that black metal entity known only as 正殿 Seiden. Born in the age of 2020, 正殿 Seiden is an Okinawan black metal entity that has forged a small library of haunted folklore flavoured incantations, all of which have now been complied in the magnificently mysterious, 古き悪の破片 Shrouds of Old Evil. Wrought from the paradise devil devastations left desolate in harmageddon hunger, 古き悪の破片 Shrouds of Old Evil is a dissonant and direct expulsion of Okinawan black metal, one steeped in waves of; entropic tremolo hiss, mechanical drum dismemberment, production noise annihilation, experimental spell composition, ambient acoustic passages, Okinawan folklore thematics and an oppressive atmosphere of ghastly funeral theatre fury. Bereft of home, hearth and hope, 正殿 Seiden provided here an excellent starting point for any interested in exploring the more shadowy echelons of Japanese black metal.