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Grógaldr (Usa) - Disinterred Graves of Saints - Cassette

  • Grógaldr (Usa) - Disinterred Graves of Saints - Cassette

GOATOWAREX is proud to present a brand-new mini-album from GRÓGALDR, titled Disinterred Graves of Saints, on cassette tape format, limited to 100 copies only. The vinyl release is being handled by Skjold Production.

The mysterious entity of GRÓGALDR hails from the United States and is the sole work of one Zugarramurdi; beyond that, little is known besides the work the man has imparted to the underground public. Of that, two demos arrived in 2019, followed by a split album with esteemed comrades KOMMODUS, under the extremely apt joint title Howling Sanguine Spirit. Across these recordings did GRÓGALDR establish a stridently ugly identity: a pulsing sort of violence where undulating waves of hatred are directed outward rather than inward. An auspicious start, to say the very least, and GOATOWAREX gladly aligned forces to foster this madness further.

As presaged by the simultaneous release of GRÓGALDR’s debut album, Illness unto the Womb of Spirit, Zugarramurdi further curses the masses with an equally compelling mini-album provocatively titled Disinterred Graves of Saints. Like that full-length debut, upon first glance/spin, no great changes have been made in the GRÓGALDR aesthetic here - the ripped-raw soundfield is wielded as a weapon rather than serving as a cursed cocoon, and cruelly compact riffs hammer forth a minimalism that’s nothing short of hypnotic – but that album’s subtle sense of refinement, largely in the dynamics employed and tempos explored, is taken yet further on Disinterred Graves of Saints. Although “just” a mini-album, this recording comprises three monolithic tracks in 27 minutes, in effect forming an experience that drags the listener deeper into GRÓGALDR’s particular expression of Hell. Only the hardiest of listeners possess the constitution to explore those depths; those that do, however, shall be rewarded with the entity’s arguably most engrossing work to date. Within, a nearly vampiric sort of black metal in the best tradition of the Black Legions reigns, and also far more multi-layered than this expression seems upon that first glance/spin: