HOD Catacomb Voices/Sovereign - Catacomb Voices/Sovereign – MC

  • HOD Catacomb Voices/Sovereign - Catacomb Voices/Sovereign – MC

Croaking grand litanies of drunken blasphemy from beneath a subterranean tombstone tower, eye bloodshot in crimson gleam of the cavernous darkness, bleeds forth that schizophrenic succor of twin would known by whispers of Catacomb Voices and Sovereign. Hailing from Brazil, the creature behind these entities, Rudolf, the Proud, needs no introduction for he has been upon an war march of insane narcotic addiction now since the age of 1994, creating a strange dogman sound of unique black metal experimentation. Thus it would that the iron glory of GoatowaRex canine carnal and the devastating Hammer of Damnation Brazil Would bring a split incantation from this bizarre mind into the hands of acolytes by medium of cassette tape cruel.

A split incantation driven by alcoholic lust lambast, Catacomb Voices and Sovereign wrestle a violent brawl of blood, beer and broken bones. The first to let loose its gaseous emissions are Catacomb Voices, which features a raw black metal sound stripped down in production and with a focus on infectious tremolo melodics, audial hooks snaking through the flesh and driving the listener back to the charnel bottle with every spin of bloodstained tape. The mighty Sovereign itself takes the second side of this split incantation in which it sports a sound of alcohol fueled black metal melodics with a wide variety of the spells taken from previous Sovereign incantations, here revived by a superb production essence and an eagerness for rage ruin unknown in previous outings. Rabid dog man black metal from the metal homeland of Brazil that no true fan of the archaic should be without.