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WAXGOAT121 Shadow Dungeon (Bosnia) - The Return of The Leper King - LP (orange vinyl)

  • WAXGOAT121 Shadow Dungeon (Bosnia) - The Return of The Leper King - LP (orange vinyl)

2nd press of classic Shadow Dungeon LP, pure 90's style dungeon synth. Limited to 100 copies, all copies on orange vinyl. 500g thick cover, OBI and insert.


In fever of arch-plague and malice of malevolent stone, exhumes the monarch of malfeasance misery known only by the foulest herald of Shadow Dungeon. Weaved from the necrotic filth made immortal by ages of death, decay and desolation, Shadow Dungeon is a dungeon synth entity hailing from the verdant black lands of Sarajevo and was formed by The Leper King (Deathcircle, Obskuritatem & Dogman) himself in the age of 2016. With a myriad host of eclectic incantations spread across almost a decade, some even experimenting with symphonic black metal, as well as the aforementioned dungeon synth, it is a pleasure to be able to experience Shadow Dungeon’s debut full-length incantation, The Return of the Leper King. Composed entirely of two spells each around the sixteen minute mark, The Return of the Leper King is a truly epic, grim and grandiose adventure that is configured of; instrumental spell composition, ambient eerie atmospherics, brooding mediaeval synth and a dedicated thematic of hermitcal diseased sorcery. Wielder of ruin and wrecker of hope, does the Leper King come to tighten the hangman's rope.