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WAXGOAT193 Maquahuitl (USA) - Tequitl - MLP

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  • WAXGOAT193 Maquahuitl (USA) - Tequitl - MLP

Brand new MLP, available on purple and black vinyl, Japanese style tip-on jacket, with OBI and 12"x12" insert.


Sun blessed flags flying high over battle camps and shamanic temples comes flint blade warrior, Maquahuitl, an Anahuacian black metal entity that has been leading raid after raid on the modern world since 2011. Cleaving a campaign of solar sacrifice and ancestor worship with incarnation after incantation of neo-folk tinged triumphant black metal melancholy, it has been some years since Maquahuitl has unchained a true EP incantation, the last being the engrossing Con su pistola en la mano, which has only left its acolytes hungering for more altar augur.

Thus it is with great pleasure to preach of Maquahuitl’s latest EP incantation, Tequtl, which takes all that this entity has wrought in the solar winds of ruin and elevates to new celestial heights; presenting here three spells of infectious tremolo melodics, howling rasp oration, eclectic percussive patterns, neo-folk flute fury and a truly evocative expression of Anahuacian native supremacy. Tequtl is an essential artefact to obtain for any acolyte, as well as an excellent entry point into the decade long collection that Maquahuitl has forged over the bloodstained years.