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WAXGOAT198 Grógaldr (USA) - Illness Unto the Womb of Spirit - Gatefold LP

  • WAXGOAT198 Grógaldr (USA) - Illness Unto the Womb of Spirit - Gatefold LP

GOATOWAREX is proud to present GRÓGALDR’s highly anticipated debut album, Illness unto the Womb of Spirit, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The vinyl version will be released on 180g black vinyl with gatefold LP jacket, OBI, and A2 poster, limited to 200 copies, while the CD version will be released as jewel case limited to 300 copies. The cassette edition is released by Perverse Homage Production.

At last, the full madness of GRÓGALDR arrives with the entity’s full-length debut, Illness unto the Womb of Spirit. Likewise ever aptly titled, Illness unto the Womb of Spirit is black metalled despair and disgust writ large: a sonic spell of destruction shot straight from the void, unmindful of its target and with the only directive being ruination of all in its reverberating path. No great changes have been made in the GRÓGALDR aesthetic here - the ripped-raw soundfield is wielded as a weapon rather than serving as a cursed cocoon, and cruelly compact riffs hammer forth a minimalism that’s nothing short of hypnotic – but the tempos vary more, with eerily restrained downshifts often taking the fore before exploding into belligerent hysteria, and song lengths suitably going to even more epic reaches of dementia, altogether rendering Illness unto the Womb of Spirit the most monolithic GRÓGALDR expression to date. Elsewhere, a nearly vampiric sort of black metal in the best tradition of the Black Legions reigns, and also far more multi-layered than this expression seems upon first spin: a satisfying and assured balance between black metal’s traditions and self-motivated unorthodoxy.

Sick are those will seek out GRÓGALDR, and for them does the artist only wish Illness unto the Womb of Spirit!