WAXGOAT264 Black Putrescence/Desgranges (Aus) - Hypnagogic Lacerations/Epoch of Doom - 7"

  • WAXGOAT264 Black Putrescence/Desgranges (Aus) - Hypnagogic Lacerations/Epoch of Doom - 7"

Re-envisioned, re-ensorcelled, and resurrected from the grave soil of Perth, Australia, rises those dual emanations of phantasmal possession, Desgranges & Black Putrescence, both of which have been under the power of the one known only as B.C since the earliest age of the 21st century of terror. Exhuming grimoires of old and dusting off those bloodstained pages of yore, B.C has taken two of his most powerful entities—those of the blackest raw dissonant sorcery—and delivered upon the mortal world a spell from each. So it should be fitting then that the iron tomb tower of GoatowaRex filth rot worship brings these two spells of ancient stench to acolytes upon seven inches of sodomy, upon the raven of wax and blackest of vinyl.

Threshold Consciousness is the wandering ambience of the empty mortal spirit swallowed whole by the spiral madness of a reality steeped in death, shit, and morbid melancholy. Whilst brief in its exhalations of ennui, this split incantation drives the knife deep despite this two spell strike length, and scars those experiencing its sharp misery with a soundscape of lonely rasps, droning ambience, clashing percussion, infectious tremolo, and a production that rides the line between crypt and clear to perfection. Any with even a fleeting interest in the legendary tomb cult majesty of Australia raw black depravity should seek to obtain this artefact of despair, for the sorrow contained within is bittersweet to the taste, languor addictive as it laces the blood with poison of black.