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WAXGOAT443 Trhä/Sëht (USA/India) - Dlahalhë - LP (natural color)

  • WAXGOAT443 Trhä/Sëht (USA/India) - Dlahalhë - LP (natural color)
  • WAXGOAT443 Trhä/Sëht (USA/India) - Dlahalhë - LP (natural color)

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WAXGOAT443 Trhä/Sëht (USA/India) - Dlahalhë - LP

Indo-American atmospheric black metal tribalism made sacrosanct by shaman masters Trhä and Sëht @inkveltoshi in conspiracy to create split incantation Dlahalhë, a powerful expression of sonic auguries mired in the dissonance of shattered solitude.

Stalking the American wastes since the age of 2020, Trhä is an entity of infamous black metal ambience aura that needs no introduction, taking the tomb cults by storm with its own take on the genre and a prolific onslaught of incantation after incantation, here upon Dlahalhë showcasing: vast air atmospherics, melancholic ruin melody, shrieking wraith oration, experimental spell construction, clear dissonant production and sparse dense instrumentation contrast, providing an experience of mournful dirge.

Younger and lesser known, Sëht, hailing from India and birthed in the age of 2022, had much to live up when providing their half of Dlahalhë, but proved more than equal to the task with their truly raw take of symphonic black metal, utilising an undercurrent of black metal noise beneath a shimmering of dazzling synth melodies; with entropic noise production, hypnotic tremolo passages, howling vocal oration, wall of sound percussion and enigmatic spell construction awaiting all those who experience the latter half of this decadent split incantation.

With wonderful cover artwork by talented Canadian visual artist @rotting_reign