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WAXGOAT451 Ifernach/Maquahuitl (Can/US) - Awaken Spirit - LP

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  • WAXGOAT451 Ifernach/Maquahuitl (Can/US) - Awaken Spirit - LP

Conceptual split LP between 2 Indigenous Black Metal masters, available on red/yellow splatter vinyl and black vinyl, with Japanese style tip-on jacket and 12"x12" insert.


Spirits awoken by hammering sounds of raging flame defiant distortion, comes a conspiracy of Quebecer and Anahuacian victorious anti-colonial black metal, with these champions of defiance known only by the arch-heralds of Ifernach and Maquahuitl. With both entities existing now for a decade, Ifernach and Maquahuitl have forged grand histories of blood stained soil and enthralling black metal sound sorcery, their compositions of sun worship salvation only growing in entropic conflagration with each incantation unchained, and each merchant of modern deceit hung high from battle oaks and weeping willows.

Here, these entities join forces in solar alliance to bring their acolytes the mighty Awaken Spirit, in which each display blistering blasts of evocative black metal melodic tragedy and triumph, neo-folk fulminations, hammering percussive force, vast atmospheric splendour and sincere lyrical exhalations of their native folklores. By barbarity of stone axe slaughter in supreme shamanic worship of the elder spirits, Ifernach and Maquahuitl have wrought some of their most powerful battle spells upon Awaken Spirit, one that any acolyte seeking the sun and the blood of their enemies, would be remiss to not partake.